Week Two - Perranporth

A couple of weekends ago I went to Perranporth beach with some family for a walk. I thought that it would be a good idea to start taking pictures for this project, I wasn't planning on using them but some of them turned out ok and I liked them. So I decided to use them for one of my weeks..

I like this because it looks natural as they aren't posing for the picture. I like how everyone is doing their own thing oblivous that a picture is being taken.
The colours in this picture are strong, I like how vivid they are.

This is my favourite image out of the five. I really like the pureness of the sky and how as you look further away from the sea the sky gets darker.

I'm not really the over keen on this image but as I needed five to upload, and compared to the other ones taken it was one of the better ones.


It was a really nice day and I thought that seeing as I was going for a walk I could take some pictures but like I said I hadn't planned too. I am pleased with these pictures as I think they have strong colours and capture a family moment which is a great thing to be able to look back on. The rest of the images aren't very good some just didn't look right and some were blury. I wouldn't choose to take pictures of this again but as it was a spare of a moment decision I wouldn't expect to be perfectly happy with the images.