Week one - Studio

Although we were set this task to do in class, I liked the results and wanted to use them as part of this project.  On Wednesday 24th we went into the studio and these were the images we produced.



A lot of pictures were taken but most of them didn't work as the paper stencil created a shadow and made the image too dark to see any detail we wanted shown. The four images that I have chosen were the images with a lighter shadow that was easier to edit on  Photoshop. The image of Esme I think is the the one that worked the most. I really like it. The one of Sophie is different to the Rankin one this is because, when the stencil was being cut out it ripped so instead of being a full piece of paper it was two halves which made it really hard to take pictures as someone had to hold it toghether whilst I was taking the pictures which then created even more shadows.
Despite all of this I think that it was worth while doing this shoot as it has given me more experience and confidence in the studio. Overall I am happy with the results produced.