Week five - Zoo

I went to Newquay Zoo today and I took these. I used the Canon 350d and a standard lens to take these pictures.

I liked the colours of this monkey, and how it kept climbing the cage to see what was happening whilst I was taking a picture.

I really like pigs and was trying to get a close up like this one but as soon as I got close enough it would move.

This is my favourite out of all the images, because I like how the sheep are all hulded together. When I was taking this picture only two of the sheep were in the image but the one at the front moved in. It was like as if it wanted to be in the picture.

        The contrast of the blue door and the whiteness of the sheep I think looks really good.

These penguins were in a group and all of them were attacking the one on the left but I didn't like it with the group of them, so I took about 8 more pictures until I managed to get one of just two.

This image is really simple, I like it because of that.

I love Zebras, they were really far away from the bit I was standing on and I didn't have a good enough zoom to get the sort of image I wanted, so I cropped it on Photoshop. I really like the pattern of the stripes.

The feathers on a peacock are amazing! I really like the colours and pattern. I couldn't get as close enough as I wanted to get the sort of image I wanted.


A lot of the images I am not happy with this is because I don't like the cage/fence infront of all the animals, which has reduced down the photos I could use.. The most successful pictures out of them all are the sheep ones. I really liked how they were positioned in the little hut/shed. The colour of the door really complemented them. If I was to shoot this again I would use a canon 70 - 300 mm lens maybe so that I could get closer up, more detailed pictures.