Week four - Trelisike

On Sunday I went to Trelisike gardens and as I had a camera with me I decided to take some pictures that I could maybe use for this project.

When I took this picture I only took it because I liked the colour and shape of the flower but when I was editing it I realised that there was some sort of bug/fly on it but I think that it makes the picture more interesting to look at. I like how it isn't obvious when you look at the image.

This reminded me of the picture I liked here it was the same sort of shape.

This reminded me of some sort of secret garden.

This was just a dead tree lieing on the side of the path when I looked closer at it I realised that someone had wedged money into the cracks.

I liked the shape of this tree I thought it was unusual and interesting.


The images I made I really liked. I took around 60 photos and I am happy with the majority of them. I thought that it would be different if I took pictures of a gardens because I always seem to take pictures of the beach.