Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Steve Bloom

I have the books Elephant! and Untamed at home and I love them. The images in the books are so interesting, I really like the ones of the penguins in Untamed. I first heard of Steve Bloom when I was doing a art project in school and we looked at him. The images he creates make you feel as if you are there.

Steve Bloom, born in Johannesburg, South Africa is a photographer and writer. He is best known for his photography books and essays, many of which feature wildlife; as well as his large scale outdoor exhibitions called Spirit of the Wild.

Bloom began to photograph wildlife in 1993 while on vacation in South Africa. In 1996he devoted all his time to wildlife photography and spent the following two years working on his first book, In Praise of Primates, which was published in ten languages.

In 2004 Untamed, an oversize book that features animals from all the world's continents, was published in ten language editions for its first printing

Two monographs were published in 2006: Elephant! and Spirit of the Wild.

Malcom Glover

Malcolm Glover was born in Crawley in 1955. He studied photography at Newport for a Diploma in Documentary Photography and MA at Royal College of Art in 1991.

Malcolm Glover has exhibited widely, his first exhibition was "Llyn Peninsular" in 1984, which was a study of rural life and toured Wales. He then went on to become photographer in residence at Rochdale Art Gallery, where he was shorlisted for an ICI Foxtalbot Award which took a humourous look at people in health farms. This was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and bought by the National Museum of Photography.

His first publically acclaimed timescape was of "Brixton Lido" which went on to win him the Year of the Arts award which have enabled him to shoot the streets of Milton Keynes and St Leonards.

The images we exhibited at IPG were Brixton Lido, which is 30ft long and smaller versions of Beadlemead Street and St Leonards, since then he has worked on numerous commissions across Britain using his unique photographic style, which has bought about a series of work including "Shotton Station"

The panoramic images are a form of static tracking shot, giving the impression of a cinematic experience, with the light progressing through the print from morning to night. Traditionally the photographic image has trapped the viewer in one perspective an one moment of time - Glovers work attempts to remove these restrictions.

The "Brixton Lido" image was shot over a six hour period and reveals repetitive behaviour within this period. In "Beadlemead Street" each house in Beadlemead Street was photographed in turn at 45 minute intervals between 9am and 7pm and then "knitted together" to recreate the entire street and the impressions of its hidden life, as with the St Leonards shot.

Malcolm Glover has recently exhibited at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery and has made a series of work on Allotment Holders.

David Hockney

A Link To David Hockney's Website

David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937, in Bradford, England, to Laura and Kenneth Hockney.

Hockney has often been regarded as a playboy of the art world. He has had lascivious relationships, and he has run among strange and crazy artistic circles. Yet he has always retained a sense of stability in his life through his constant and tireless devotion to his work. Hockney is an artist that has always enjoyed success and praise, facing little to no hardship in his career. What is interesting about his life is not the problems he has encountered, but the strides he has taken to bypass much human suffering and malaise.

In 1948, David Hockney won a scholarship to the Bradford Grammar School, one of the best schools in the country. Here he enjoyed his art classes most and thus decided that he wanted to become an artist. Furthermore, he disliked the other subjects he was required to study. In 1950, he asked to be transferred to the Regional College of Art in Bradford so that he could more seriously pursue his interest.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


These are the Hdr images I made whilst in class on Wednesday. Seeing as this was my frist attempt at making these images I am happy with the result. If I was to do this again I would like to have a more interesting subject to photograph.

Allen Building
If the sky wasn't so blank I think this picture would be more successful.

This one is quite extreme. I don't like it as much as the sutble ones.

Kenwyn Window

This is my favourite out of the three this is because I like the shape of the window it creates a sort of tunnel to look through. I like the contrast of this image and colours etc..


As this was my first attempt I didn't expect to be overly happy with the results. It's crazy how you can make normal images into something so over the top and cartoony by just messing around with the exposures. I would like to have another go at Hdr.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yesterday we were set a task to go out and shoot pictures so that we could create a photo merge and practice stitching in Photoshop. I liked the idea of this and I am planning on doing a shoot like this, this weekend. I like photo merges of buildings so I am going to mainly focus on shooting them. This will be for my Week 3.

In class we looked at a few photographers that have produced this sort of work.

Malcom Glover
David Hockney

How to photomerge on Photoshop

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Kristina Beceatchi

I noticed this person on someone elses blog. I looked at the pictures and I really liked them so I had a go myself.. I don't like the images I produced though, I want to have another go at it. Most of them are out of focus and blured as my cat kept moving. Alot of the images his eyes are closed in because of the flash..

The rest of the pictures.
Camera Information.


I was planning on experinmenting with pictures like those Nadav Kander ones I have linked to my page this weekend. But as no one returned the extension tube I wasn't able to take it out. So I just took some pictures around my garden/house today as I have had work all weekend. I don't know what they look like yet as I haven't looked. I will upload this evening.

New Ideas;

- Entrances
- Signs

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I have been looking on the internet at different types of photography, trying to find some inspiration for a shoot. I haven't really found that much so far. But I did find this site here. Some of the images that I like are;

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nadav Kander - Beauty's Nothing

I really like how detailed and clear these photographs are. I am planning on experimenting with these sort of images for one of my weeks. I have booked out the 450d and a extension tube for Friday 5th March.

Thursday - Ideas

Few ideas..

Colour -
Objects that are put into colour arrangement.

People -
Ages; Baby, Toddler, Teenager, Adult, Old person.
Relationships; Siblings, Friends.

Land -
A place that I have gone to the same time every day for one week and compared the changes.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Project Start

Every week I am going to upload five pictures for six weeks.