Week Three - Photomerging

These pictures are of a pretty boring subject but I couldn't really find much to take pictures of around college. I liked making these images so I am planning on taking more this weekend. (19th March) I will be taking them on the Canon 350d I have also booked out the Canon 70-300mm lens.

Evaluation of the images above:

Seeing as this was my first ever attempt at these type of images I am pretty pleased with the results. If I had a better subject I think I would have enjoyed it alot more.

I took these pictures on Sunday. I put them together myself on photoshop but I also made photoshop put one together to compare. I prefer the one that photoshop produced as it is more accurate when using a larger amount of images.

This is the one i made on photoshop by pressing file, automate, photomerge.

These are just some houses that I can see up my terrace. I thought they would be good to merge together.

This is my attempt of merging together the cathedral.

I didn't take enough pictures to be able to be picky about the final ones. If i was to do this again I would take a lot more pictures so I am happier with the end result.