Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Steve Bloom

I have the books Elephant! and Untamed at home and I love them. The images in the books are so interesting, I really like the ones of the penguins in Untamed. I first heard of Steve Bloom when I was doing a art project in school and we looked at him. The images he creates make you feel as if you are there.

Steve Bloom, born in Johannesburg, South Africa is a photographer and writer. He is best known for his photography books and essays, many of which feature wildlife; as well as his large scale outdoor exhibitions called Spirit of the Wild.

Bloom began to photograph wildlife in 1993 while on vacation in South Africa. In 1996he devoted all his time to wildlife photography and spent the following two years working on his first book, In Praise of Primates, which was published in ten languages.

In 2004 Untamed, an oversize book that features animals from all the world's continents, was published in ten language editions for its first printing

Two monographs were published in 2006: Elephant! and Spirit of the Wild.

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