Thursday, 25 March 2010


These are the Hdr images I made whilst in class on Wednesday. Seeing as this was my frist attempt at making these images I am happy with the result. If I was to do this again I would like to have a more interesting subject to photograph.

Allen Building
If the sky wasn't so blank I think this picture would be more successful.

This one is quite extreme. I don't like it as much as the sutble ones.

Kenwyn Window

This is my favourite out of the three this is because I like the shape of the window it creates a sort of tunnel to look through. I like the contrast of this image and colours etc..


As this was my first attempt I didn't expect to be overly happy with the results. It's crazy how you can make normal images into something so over the top and cartoony by just messing around with the exposures. I would like to have another go at Hdr.

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